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Digital Infrastructure Development

We design and create the platforms that suite your business. These include Website development, APP development, e-Learning websites, Software development, Teleconferencing and creating contextual Enterprise solutions

Digital Maintenance Services

Managing regular content on an online platform is a core operation for every business. We offer both periodic and regular web Management services including content development, eCommerce management, blog postings, sales, promo & ads integration on websites et al

Digital Marketing

Whether it’s a promotional offer, new arrivals, sales or keeping to a routine of brand positioning content, our team of experienced digital marketers will manage your online presence using diverse digital marketing tools and platforms including social media, email marketing, influencer marketing and search engine optimization SEO.

Creation of Digital products

Personal brands and businesses alike have content, products, and services for their potential audience. In these times of digital appeal, offerings must be well packaged and in the rights formats that ensure superb user interface and experience UI/UX. We support individuals to compile their works into great digital market-ready products. We also support businesses in the creation of their branding needs. These include Graphics design, eBooks, Podcasts, video skits, video editing, e-Tickets, RFID Tags, e-Albums, Brand LOGO.


We support individuals and businesses in developing their digital skills for both pleasure and employability purposes. These include Microsoft Suite, Digital Marketing, Graphics Design, Video Editing, Content Writing and many others.

Business Consultancy

Wondering how to start the digital transformation journey for your business? We offer digital diagnostics services to help businesses evaluate their digital quotient. We then support businesses along their digital transformation journeys including business process automation, data mining and data analytics that can be used for business intelligence and automated marketing decisions.


We are getting onboard some cool accessories that would make life easy and productive for everyone. Gadget lovers can look to this space for sleek gadgets, from fashion wearables, sports wearables, health accessories, to entertainment accessories like selfie sticks, selfie lights, gaming and game consoles, smart home assistants and the likes. We also provide a platform for digital product creators. Creators can sell their eBooks and content on our store.

Trading Digital Assets

Traditional businesses assets included Property, Plant & Equipment (PPE), trade receivables and the regular bank cash balances. In todays’ digital world, businesses are beginning to take steps in growing digital asset portfolios including crypto currencies and foreign exchange FX assets like stocks and metals. Through our experienced digital asset portfolio partners, we support businesses in creating and managing healthy Digital Asset Portfolios by trading in crypto currencies and altcoins.